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Jayda's Wings

The Greatest Gift We Lost - The Ultimate Test of Faith

Tanya L. Tyler, Author

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The subtitle speaks for itself, "The Greatest Gift We Lost, The Ultimate Test of Faith."  In this book, Tanya takes you on a journey through her emotions and methods she used to cope with the possibility of having a baby with Trisomy 18, who according to research would not live past her first minute of life.  Every communication was negative. In spite of all the negative, Tanya and her family were finding the positive and standing on the foundation of their faith.

Tanya is authentic in her emotions about questioning why God would bring her to this knowing she was not strong enough to handle losing a child.  She found herself escaping in her dreams to remove herself from her reality even though it was temporary. Tanya takes many trips down memory lane, back to revisit many situations from her past that ultimately shaped who she is today, and realized that she had to align her will with the will of God and he is her strength.   

There are so many mesmerizing stories in this book where Tanya (in the words of one of her favorite pastors) chronicling Jayda's journey from the womb to her 21 days of life and ultimate death. Tanya is honest and raw in her emotions, and her hope is to touch the lives of many who deal with similar circumstances. 

During Jayda's 15-day stay in the NICU before coming home, Tanya would sing to her baby every day. She wrote a song of praise and worship.  After her passing, Jayda's Dad, Karl, surprised Tanya by adding music to her song, and they recorded it in their home studio.  

We hope you will purchase this well-written book about a mother's reflection of losing one of the greatest gifts God gave her but pressed through and kept the faith.  As a bonus, please enjoy the song Tanya and Karl created for their Baby Jayda.

Book Launch Celebration - June 22, 2019


Download Jayda's Song

Tanya wrote a praise and worship song while in NICU with Jayda.  She would sing to her everyday.  She later finished the song after Jayda passed, and Karl added beautiful music to the song.

Jayda's Song is available for purchase for $0.99 on cd baby and iTunes and streaming platforms, e.g., Spotify, Amazon and YouTube.


Emmy Weber

Your faith, and relationship with Karl always amaze me, yet at the same time, your response of wondering why, and being in that daze, not listening/hearing makes this moment approachable/real for everyone. Your faith, and the strength of the two of you shine through though. I love your sharing of where your mind was wondering too - that was great - I have a difficult time imaging you as reserved - I can only imagine that your presence, and voice were ready to burst out of that small girl that you were!

Sarah Pedraza

I just want to keep turning the page to continue reading. I know thousands of women will be able to not only relate but also tell themselves it’s okay to express thoughts that at times we suppress.

Katie Allen

Wow! I feel your heart as you tell your story. You are so good! There’s such a blend of humor, soulfulness, and a little sharp grit in these words.

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