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New Releases

  • Siblings



    Author: Emma Bowens

    Emma shares personal, heartfelt and painful stories she experienced as a child growing up in a low-income family with eight other siblings.

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  • Be the Best You

    Author: Aleska Davis-Headd

    coming soon

    Release Date


  • Madeline

    Author: Toy Marie

    coming soon

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  • Cheer Dream

    Paris Renee

    coming soon

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Author: Tanya L. Tyler

The Greatest Gift We Lost

The Ultimate Test of Faith

 - A mother's journey through her pregnancy, birth, and death of her baby to Trisomy 18

Release Date

June 15

Coming Soon

Reviews: Jayda's Wings

Wow! I feel your heart as you tell your story. You are so good! There’s such a blend of humor, soulfulness, and a little sharp grit in these words.

Katie Allen


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